StoryCon 2014 Video Promo

Remember that StoryCon 2014 is just a few weeks away! Come to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive on Friday, April 11th (12pm – 4pm) to experience some amazing public health stories. Also develop your own storytelling abilities by attending fun workshops that will help improve your skills.

Tickets are FREE for CHLA members and $5 for for everyone else. If you are a CHLA member, please contact for the discount code. There will be free catering provided at the event.

CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket today!


Call for Submissions for “Call to Action: StoryCon 2014!”

The Center for Health Leadership Association is pleased to announce our 2nd annual conference:

Call to Action: StoryCon 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014 | 12-4 pm

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Priority deadline: 12pm, Friday January 31, 2014

Stories of public health permeate our daily lives. As public health leaders, we are charged to see health in all its facets, synthesize what we see, and tell the stories of communities we serve. It is through stories that we advocate for policy change that improves population health, that we secure grant money for our research and organizations, and that we communicate about the challenges and successes of our work with our friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

We want to hear your story. Did you have a transformative event or experience that called you into public health action? What stories inspire you in your work everyday?

StoryCon 2014 will bring together graduate student storytellers and their public health stories from across campus. Selected students will win a cash prize, an opportunity to tell their story at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, a certificate of participation, and a chance to network with faculty, leaders in the professional world, fellow students, and community members alike.

We are looking for a range of storytelling techniques – from traditional, descriptive prose delivery to interpretive dance: photo essays, documentaries, poetry, interviews, storyboards, and all things poignant and captivating are most welcome as well. Please refer to the link here for audio and video examples of what type of storytelling we are looking for. Keep checking back on this links for more updates.

Submit your idea: We believe there is power in simplicity–If you would like to be considered for participation, please click here to provide one paragraph that describes your idea by 12pm on **Friday, January 31**. By February 7, we will notify you if we would like to move forward with your story. Those selected will be asked to provide a fuller, one-page description about their story by Friday, February 28, and they will be given the opportunity to attend one of several storytelling workshops, to give you skills and practice, produced by the CHLA in the spring.


  • Friday, January 13 @ 12:00pm: Paragraph about proposed story due

  • Friday, February 7: Notified about selection for conference

  • Friday, February 28: One-page about proposed story due

  • February – April: Storytelling workshops

  • Friday, April 11: CHLA Conference 2014 at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Your submission paragraph can sketch the beginnings of a story or include a fleshed out paragraph from your story that illustrates the theme, geography, and eco-social realities, among other juicy bits. See the example below by conference committee member Justin; he could not resist trying a little story writing himself!

Dusk in Phnom Penh, the air is so thick that I could drink the sky. Exiting my hotel, I gape at the resplendent royal palace grounds dominated by an illuminated, opulent funeral pyre being built for the recently deceased king. Hungry, I turn from cultural wonder to cultural wander. Sauntering towards the banks of the Mekong, I absorb the sights around me: there, in the long shadow of the king’s funerary tower, a homeless woman, a jut of cement from the uneven sidewalk her only pillow, lay sleeping on the ground. Her infant son sleeps peacefully in her arms, his only protection from the harsh realities of living under feet. In children, we in the West like to see all the possibilities of a lifetime, but the cumulative dirt smears on his chubby cheeks reveal a darker truth, foreshadowing only possibilities of inequity.

Now, it’s your turn. Give us a taste of your story by 12pm on Friday, January 31. We can’t wait to hear your voice.